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There are many Types of Palanca and ways for you to support Abundant Life Tres Dias and build this Christian Community in Action!


The prayer scroll is the easiest, and the most important, ways to serve the Lord through Tres Dias. The 75-hour prayer vigil begins for the Weekend on Thursday evening and ends Sunday evening. 

To sign up follow the links below:


Mens' Weekend #48 Prayer Scroll


Womens' Weekend #48 Prayer Scroll


Provide perishable and/or paper products for the weekend, team trainings and/or secuelas. Also, there is always a need for weekend accessories, rollo room supplies and banners. The list is almost endless. Use your imagination!

Please contact the Weekend Chair for more information


Help with the set-up and/or tear down at the retreat center and transport supplies and luggage.

Please contact the Weekend Chair for more information


Gifts: There are (a possible) 30 candidates and (approx.) 40-45 team members per weekend. Number guidelines for gift palanca are as follows: 75 for the dining room, 50 for the rollo room (to include the rollistos/rollistas and silent professors, and table of servanthood) and 30 for the candidates' "pillow palanca", (these figures assume a full 30 candidate weekend)

Please attach the Palanca Sheet with the Palanca so it is directed to the correct location.

Letters: should be marked in the upper left corner of the envelope with the writer's relationship to the Candidate ("Community," "Team.," "Sponsor," "Family," "Pastor," "Friend). Please put the Candidate's name in the center of the envelope (Smith, Mary, for example).

Please contact the Palanca Chair for more information


ALTD receives no support from Tres Dias International. Weekends are fully supported by the community. Financial contributions can be made to the general fund or for a specific need such as candidate or team scholarship funds, and are tax deductible. 

Please contact the Treasurer for more information

Abundant Life Tres Dias

2205 S. Perryville Road, PMB #113

Rockford, IL 61108-8209 

*Please specify if you want your donation to be applied for a specific purpose. 

Thank you.

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